Saturday, December 2, 2023

Telegram Adds Group Video Calls and Animated Background Feature in the App

Telegram has finally launched group video calling – more than a year after it first announced its arrival. With the update, mobile, tablet and desktop users can turn their group audio chats into video conferences. The new launch of the London-based instant messaging app is similar to Apple’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and FaceTime.

Apart from group video calling, Telegram brings some changes at the interface level with the latest update.

These changes include the addition of animated backgrounds, new message animations, and new animated emojis. The updated Telegram also includes a dedicated button from the bot menu.

With the introduction of the group video calling function, Telegram will take on similar functionality to Apple’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and FaceTime.

The new update of Telegram also brings new features like animated backgrounds, new animations for sending messages, new animated emoticons, special buttons in the bot menu, screen sharing, noise reduction in voice chat and much more.

The group video chat feature is the third major update to the app’s voice chat in the last six months.

The group video chat feature is the third major update to the app’s voice chat in the last six months.

Telegram group video calls

The group video calling feature is a major update that Telegram introduced and allows users to switch their group audio calls to video calls.

To make a group video call, users just need to tap on the camera icon in the group audio call to activate their video.

Once a user activates a video call, you can pin any of your group members to see their video in front of you.

Once enabled, you can pin any of your group members to see the video in front of them. Telegram also offers screen sharing options for users.

To use the screen sharing option, the user needs to tap on the menu button and then click on the screen sharing option followed by app permissions.

Tablet and Desktop support

Tablet and desktop users have more screen real estate and more display options. You can open the sidebar and see a split-screen view of the video grid and participant list. The Telegram says is optimized in portrait and landscape modes.

Desktop users also have the option of selective screen sharing. It allows them to only broadcast one person/program during their group video call instead of showing the entire screen to other participants.

Desktop users will also automatically receive attached members when they share their screen.

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On the other hand, voice chat will be available on the desktop in a separate window. It helps the users can type and talk without minimizing

Telegram improvised noise cancellation in voice chat to make voice clearer. However, users can disable noise cancellation if they want to intentionally have ambient noise.

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