Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tanya Singgh to revive pop culture with “Woh Beetey Din”

Tanya Singgh is going to release her new single ‘Woh Beetey Din’ soon. The pop queen, known for songs like ‘Janam Kuch Toh Bolo,’ ‘Chupke Chupke,’ ‘Baahon Mein Teri,’ ‘Juda Raasta,’ ‘Adi Ve Adi,’ ‘Piya Piya,’ ‘Dhadkan,’ ‘Khanki hain Chudiyan,’ ‘Ankhiya Mila Le,’ and ‘Hosh, Soulful and lively, it’s said to revive the pop culture trend.

Tanya: “Reviving pop culture creates nostalgia in audiences. We’re returning to 2000s trends, including pop music. I wanted my art to evoke the early 2000s.”

‘Woh Beetey Din’ releases July 19. Tanya Singgh was recently sighted outside an editing facility, suggesting a new project.

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