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Talks With Nationalists From Baloch: Govt Should Focus On The Agenda

The administration focuses on defining the agenda for negotiations with nationalists and militants in Baloch, Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry stated.

On Twitter Tuesday, the Minister stated that a major proportion of India‘s terrorist network was eliminated in Balochistan.

“India’s Balochistan terrorist network has mostly been ruptured. The nationalist dialogue agenda will now be established. The federal government is completing Rs 731 billion in 131 projects in Balochistan. Billion, Balochistan \s@ImranKhan PTI” he twitted.

The statements of PM Imran Khan on Monday that the state administration is engaged in negotiations with rebel organizations of Baloch are being followed by the Minister of Information.

Fawad also discussed development initiatives in Balochistan, stating that 131 projects worth a whumping Rs 731bn in the province were planned by the federal government.

“The development program of the Balochistan government alone is Rs180bn for this year,” he continued. “The Balochistan is near to his heart, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated.

‘Govt’s discussion with the rebels in Baloch’

The Prime Minister declared that the government would evaluate how the situation in the province had evolved and that Pakistan would move to a brighter future.

PM Khan spoke at an event in Balochistan where he stated that militants may become disgusted with the state because of prior complaints or India could have utilized them in Pakistan to foment terror.

PM Khan opened the Gwadar Free Zone, ExPO Center, Agriculture Industrial Park, and three industries during his day-long visit to Gwadar. He also saw the signature of numerous MOUs for the construction of state-of-the-art hospitals, airports, and professional institutes.

The prime minister added that his primary objective, after becoming prime minister, was to not only win the election but also to promote Balochistan.

Premier Nawaz Sharif stated he visited London 24 times, but he never traveled to Balochistan. Former President Asif Ali Zardari visited Dubai 51 times, but never visited Gwadar.

“A person who thinks of Pakistan would also think of Balochistan but whoever wants to be elected will focus on the Faisalabad division with more parliamentary seats than Balochistan,” he added.

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