Friday, February 23, 2024

Taliban warned US President Biden not to interfere in Afghanistan affairs

US President Joe Biden‘s government launched air strikes against Taliban fighters in northern Afghanistan as the fighters continued their offensive and seized new territories. The Taliban authorities sent a clear message to the United States by warning them against further interference in Afghanistan internal affairs.

“We warn against US intervention in Afghanistan and we are stressing that no ceasefire had reached in Afghanistan. He also accused the Afghan government of increasing tensions in the country through operations in several provinces,” said by a Taliban’s political services.

“US B-52 bombers struck Taliban forces in Sheberghan and Jawzjan province. They were killing and causing significant damage to terrorists,” Afghan Ministry of Defense confirmed on Twitter.

The Taliban have stepped up their attacks as the United States quickly completes its withdrawal. The movement said it had taken control of the southwestern province of Nimruz. The first provincial center to conquer by Taliban since 2016 and the northern province of Jawzjan. The most recent takeover by the Taliban is the northeastern Afghan province of Takhar.

The US and NATO troops withdrawal from Afghanistan has expected to complete by September 11. The withdrawal has expected in an agreement the Taliban and the US signed in Doha in February 2020.

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