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Taliban may be peace partners with US says Imran Khan

When asked if the Taliban might be possible peace partners for both the United States and Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan responded by saying that President Joe Biden’s tough stance towards the organization was “unnecessary.”

In an interview with Newsweek’s Senior Foreign Policy Writer Tom O’Connor, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his country is a “willing partner” of the United States in the fight against terrorism and other initiatives.

The premier stressed the need of collaboration between regional countries and the United States in order to prevent a disaster, noting that the dynamics had changed rapidly after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in mid-August.

He expressed optimism about the Taliban taking full control of Afghanistan for the first time in 40 years, stating that it might result in a more stable security scenario in the nation.

The premier anticipated that the Taliban administration will open the door to new opportunities for commerce and economic initiatives in the region.

‘I think the United States can cooperate with the new Afghan government.’
PM Imran Khan, on the other hand, observed that, despite the best efforts of previous administrations, the war-torn nation had been left in ruins. The premier also emphasised the need of neutralising terrorist organisations in Afghanistan, particularly the Taliban.

The prime minister said that Pakistan and the United States would have to collaborate in order to combat terrorism in Afghanistan. He also emphasised the need of dealing with the humanitarian situation and the country’s economic problems.

According to the prime minister, “I think that the United States can collaborate with a new administration in Afghanistan to advance shared interests and regional security.”

The Afghans would embrace Chinese economic assistance if it is made available, he said, adding that the group had also welcomed the opportunities presented by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the development of strong ties with Beijing in the last year.

Recognizing the Taliban authorities

Upon being asked if Pakistan would recognize the Taliban administration, he said that the country hoped to make a conclusion in this respect after consulting with its neighbors. The premier stated that the party had established an interim government, but that if they had gained control of the whole nation, “it would legally qualify for recognition.” he said.

Afghanistan is posing a threat of terrorism.
Islamabad, according to the prime minister, is very worried about the danger of terrorism emanating from Afghanistan, especially from the Taliban. The terrorist organization has been responsible for a large number of attacks, as well as the deaths of many innocent individuals.

‘There is, in fact, an overwhelming number of terrorist organisations that have taken advantage of the turmoil in Afghanistan to establish themselves in that nation,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

“Pakistan wishes to support a holistic strategy to countering terrorist threats emanating from Afghanistan, rather than a selective one. We will work together with the world community, including the United States, to achieve our goals “he said.

The United States is interested in the area.
Speaking on the United States’ interests in the area, he said that Pakistan knew that Washington’s military assistance to India is intended to restrict China, especially via the so-called Quadrilateral.

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