Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Taliban denounced 9/11 attack: Suhail Shaheen

A statement issued by the Taliban’s spokesperson Suhail Shaheen in Doha said the Taliban denounced the September 11th terrorist strikes 20 years ago and notified the United States that “no Afghans were engaged” in the assaults.

In an interview with Geo News for the show “Jirga,” which aired on Saturday, Shaheen expressed her views on the issue.

“I recall that we expressed our displeasure with the occurrence. Zaeef (the ambassador to Pakistan) and I (Abdul Salam) worked together on various projects. We held a news conference in which we expressed our displeasure with the occurrence. We have stated that we will work together to identify the true behind-the-scenes perpetrators, “he explained.

“We requested that the situation be resolved through conversation rather than through military intervention in Afghanistan. And the effect of an invasion is now in front of you, Mr. President, “Shaheen shared her thoughts.

As he recalled the Taliban stating to the Americans, “It will not be a good consequence for you,” therefore it is better for you and for us as well. “After fighting against an invasion (for so long) and many people being martyred, we do not want this,” he said the Taliban said to the Americans.

“However, they did not heed our warnings and instead invaded Afghanistan, occupying the country with sophisticated weapons. More than 150,000 men from their own forces and allies were stationed here at one point.. However, the outcome was exactly what we had predicted 20 years earlier “a spokeswoman explained.

In his subsequent remarks, he stated that “we reclaimed our independence with the help of the people.”

When asked about the move, Shaheen responded by saying that Al Qaeda had not taken Afghanistan or Mullah Muhammad Omar into confidence at the time, and that the Taliban government, which was in control at the time, had been “caught off guard.”

His statement went on to say that the Taliban had made it a policy since seizing control of Afghanistan to never allow Afghan soil to be used in an attack on another country.

In response to a question on how the Taliban will now guarantee against the use of Afghan soil since they were caught unaware earlier, Shaheen responded, “This is why we do not want any foreigners present in Afghanistan, because we run the risk that you yourself have emphasised.”

The Taliban’s spokesman went on to say: “We have established a policy. We will also pass legislation. We’ll keep an eye on things. Our security and intelligence forces will be more active in the coming months.”

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