Sunday, April 14, 2024

SZA Opens Up About Breast Implant Removal and Health Concerns

  • SZA reveals her decision to remove breast implants due to health concerns, including fibrosis, on a podcast episode.
  • Despite undergoing breast augmentation early in her career, SZA faced complications due to dense breast tissue and fibrosis.
  • The Grammy winner’s family history of breast cancer influenced her decision, with her aunt undergoing a mastectomy and her mother receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • SZA’s doctor advised against implants due to her elevated risk, but she proceeded with the surgery, leading to further complications and discomfort.
  • Ultimately, SZA opted to remove the implants to alleviate pain and discomfort, embracing her natural body.

SZA candidly shares her journey of breast implant removal and health concerns during a recent episode of S.H.E. MD’s podcast. The Grammy-winning artist delves into her decision to undergo breast augmentation early in her career, revealing complications arising from dense breast tissue and fibrosis.

Despite warnings from her doctor about the heightened risk due to her family history of breast cancer, including her aunt’s mastectomy and her mother’s diagnosis, SZA proceeded with the surgery. However, complications ensued, with excessive scar tissue and discomfort prompting her to reconsider her decision.

Ultimately, SZA made the courageous choice to remove the implants, prioritizing her health and well-being. Reflecting on the experience, she emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s body and making decisions aligned with personal health and comfort.

SZA’s openness about her breast implant journey sheds light on the complexities surrounding cosmetic procedures and the importance of informed decision-making in matters of health and wellness.

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