Monday, December 4, 2023

Town talk: Fans consider Syra Yousuf and Bilal Ashraf as a couple

“Good people are the best people,” wrote Syra Yousuf in the headline. Responding to actoress Mera Naseeb’s post, Ashraf said. “Syra, you are a source of inspiration for so many and true rock stars.”

Syra Yuosuf and Bilal Ashraf caused a lot of excitement after their beautiful selfies took over social media this week. The famous actress posted the photo, fans from both sides have sent the couple. Hoping to see them a unit one day.

Moreover, as expected, fans flocked to the two beautiful stars. Even other celebrities like Mahira Khan, Sabur Ali, and also co-star Ashraf from Rangreza, Ghana Ali got involved and left heart-shaped emoticons in their eyes.

To sail the ship

Ever since her photo went viral on social media, fans are waiting to hear the official announcement soon.

But much of the jargon is divided. One speculation that something is going on between Yuosuf and Ashraf and the other harshly criticizing. The former for being arrogant and making up something in the name of “life-long happiness.

New partner in town

One fan turned to Twitter and said, “So, do we have a new partner in town?” This was followed by another supporter who added. “Wow! How did I miss this one? Syra Yuosuf and Bilal Ashraf look so charming together. Is this a project or is it really what I think?”

Not on board

Many who fell in love with the couple also received reactions from followers. Over speculation about the relationship between the two celebrities. Some fans also instruct others to respect privacy and consent.

Comment Section of Syra’s Post. _ Photo by @sairoz via Instagram

People can run around as friends or family, post photos on social media and invite the whole nation to start a game.”

Several people took it and commented, “With everyone, people sent Syra away and invited her to marry (an emoticon with a face on the palm).”

Few disagree with the couple’s fantasies, saying, “These illiterate people are obsessed with shadows (marriage).

“When they are in a relationship, it’s their job. But from what I learned about Pakistani culture, a divorced woman standing next to everyone is associated with that person. There are only two selfies. Why try to label her and making life even more difficult for this poor woman? “

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