Thursday, February 22, 2024

Suzuki and Toyota extended shutdowns of their plants in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motors and Toyota Indus Motors have stated that the plants shutdowns have extended from August 29th. This comes after the companys temporarily halted bookings for a number of their models. However, Suzuki has stated that its assembly factory for two-wheelers would continue to function normally.

Earlier, the manufacturing facility owned by the Suzuki corporation had closed for maintenance on August 18 and 19. According to the firm, this is as a result of the limitations imposed by the State Bank of Pakistan. It have had a negative impact on the clearance of import consignments.

In addition, Indus Motor Company has announced another reduction in output. It has scheduled to take place during the first half of the month of September. IMC has chosen to temporarily halt its manufacturing from September 1 to September 16.

Local manufacturers and assemblers of Suzuki and Toyota had previously started shutdowns of their plants. However, due to current circumstances, the drop in sales will be even more severe than expected. Already in July 2022, sales of locally assembled automobiles experienced a month-on-month decrease of 59%. On the other hand, it has anticipated that sales will even lower in August than they were in July.

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