Thursday, June 8, 2023

Suspicious WeCash loan app operating in Pakistan despite the security risk

Another loan app WeCash which is “Pakistani” has come out. On the Play Store, you can find a fake Pakistani lending app called WeCash. Also similar to this is the idea of getting illegal apps from the Google Play Store.

Intelligence Analyst Zaki Khalid tweeted again about some of the strange things WeCash does.

Since September 2021, more than 100,000 people have downloaded the app. In June 2022 alone, 40,000 people downloaded it. It has a 2.8/5 rating in the app store, and most of the people who have used it have said that they had trouble getting loans.

Le Thuy Dung is the Vietnamese person who made the app. The developer has an app for lending money in Vietnamese and not using it. They are not Pakistani or Vietnamese. Instead, they are three Chinese managers.

The rules for apps don’t make sense. Even though the Google Play Store page for WeCash says so, data is sometimes got to share with third parties. “The developer does not allow data delete requests,” its Google Play Store page says. If a government worker or army officer is using the program, sensitive information is sometimes lost.

Most of the apps are Chinese apps that offer new names. Besides working with Pakistani YouTubers, they can get people in Pakistan to know about their apps. Pakistan’s regulations aren’t very strong, and there aren’t any laws to protect personal information. This makes it easier for these apps to work.

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WeCash loan app and also other similar apps like it will have to be saved by Google or the Pakistani government. But after contacting the app publisher, we haven’t heard back yet. There’s no method to get in touch with them on their website.

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