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Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed tell about their love story

This week, Time Out with Ahsan Khan has the pleasure of hosting Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed. And what happens is a fun episode about their marriage, their love story, and their future.

“I’ve been going to Sunita for five years,” Hassan began when asked how he met supermodel. “Sometimes I text her. I had no response in years, but he say if you want something, be persistent”. Marshall added, “I’m a very private person who doesn’t entertain everyone. When Hassan texted me, I wondered if this was one of the most common calling models he usually got. I believe my marriage to Hassan is written in destiny to which I answer. Then we exchanged a few texts over the months and here we are. “

However, the supermodel added that due to their religious differences, their relationship was never as smooth as they had hoped. “I was the first to come up with the idea of   staying, but Sunita’s parents turned down the offer. When we met a few months later, everything fell apart and we took a five-month hiatus until we were no longer able to separate,” recalls Ahmed.

The 38-year-old actor continued his differences, adding, “My family has always had problems with my relationship. But my father has always supported me. As a religious mother, I am concerned about how things are going to be in our future, children, and more .. . “

Ahmed added that the struggle over the marriage paid off after five years. When asked how their children learn religion, Marshall said, “Our children are 100% Muslim, but we don’t forbid them from celebrating other major holidays. At Christmas they celebrate like my family.”

Religious Conflict

“Of course there is a religious conflict in my house. Some people think that this is not happening at all whereas on the other hand we ourselves are faced with a problem. For example, we decorate a tree before Christmas and have a certain place in our house, but my family doesn’t even agree to have it in our house, “Ahmed admits.” My kids don’t go to church or do activities, but she teaches them how being part of my wife’s celebration is out of respect for others different from you, “he concluded.

Both Ahmed and Marshall admit that they hope to teach young children how to respect different religions because they both come from different backgrounds and want to teach ideas of acceptance and wisdom.

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