Friday, December 1, 2023

Hareem Shah Leaked Private Videos: Sundal Khattak Responds to Accusations Made by Hareem Shah Over Leaked Videos

After being accused by Hareem Shah of leaking her private videos, Sundal Khattak has finally come forward to defend herself.

Hareem Shah has been receiving backlash on social media after her videos were leaked, and she claimed that Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz were responsible for the leaks.

In a recent interview with a private media outlet, Sundal Khattak instead suggested that Hareem Shah should file a case against her and her boyfriend in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Sundal Khattak also urged Hareem Shah to issue a statement in the media abroad, instead of making baseless accusations.

Sundal Khattak went on to reveal that she had lent money to Hareem Shah for her sister’s wedding, and Hareem had started a fight when she asked for it back. Sundal Khattak stated that after this incident, she had no further contact with Hareem Shah.

Sundal Khattak claimed that leaking indecent videos on social media was not a big deal for Hareem Shah, and that she had likely leaked the videos herself.

Sundal Khattak further claimed that the man in the videos was Hasan Shah, Hareem Shah’s boyfriend at the time the videos were made. Sundal Khattak accused Hareem Shah of making her own videos viral on social media for the sake of cheap fame, and of using indecent videos of other people to blackmail them for money.

Sundal Khattak warned that if Hareem Shah could not prove her allegations, she would file a case against her for damages.

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