Saturday, December 2, 2023

Suicide squad blood sport is coming to Fortnite

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Blood sport is the newest addition to Fortnite, according to a surprising announcement on Twitter.

Suicide Squad director James Gunn posted a video on his personal Twitter account today revealing the shocking news from Blood sport. In the video, Bloodsport actor Idris Elba shares the news with Fortnite fans at the side of a awfully temporary gameplay demonstration that shows Blood sport in-game reprimand a filling station.
Then the video ends with a little teaser that will be sharing again tomorrow. With the release of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad film crew imminent. This could be the start of a new line of Suicide Squad related characters coming to Fortnite. We already have Harley Quinn skins so there’s no way we’ll be seeing other Suicide squad characters. Just like King Shark or Peacemaker.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing what else James Gunn has in store for Fortnite. Be sure to check it out tomorrow to make sure you don’t miss any news.

In related news for Fortnite, the game’s cards currently have a clock that counts down the likely next big event in the game. Although this has yet to be confirm. However, it’s worth noting that this comes from the same booze that now accurately predicts the addition of characters from Suicide Squad.

This countdown is unlikely to be related to the start of Season 8. As the Season 7 Battle Pass doesn’t end until September 12. So the announcement of a concert and concert by Ariana Grande on Fortnite might be big enough to justify the noise. You didn’t have to wait long to find out as the clock will reset on August 6th. Keep an eye out next Friday if you’ve interested in watching what occurs.

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