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Study: Space Solar Farms Can Generate Electricity for the whole World

Scientists are working on a way to collect solar energy (electricity) in space and also send it back to Earth using microwaves. It didn’t arrive until at least 2035, though. If we could harness its power, the sun could solve all of humanity’s energy problems.

Martin Soltau, who is a co-chair of the Space solar (electricity) Energy Initiative (SEI), has said that the project, which is a partnership between businesses and also universities, is possible.

showing how it would work

The Cassiopeia project hopes to reach its goals by putting a group of very large satellites in a high Earth orbit. These spaceships would go around the sun and gather energy to send back to Earth.

Soltau says that it has an almost infinite range and could power the whole world. It uses what he said:

Low Earth orbit is a good place for solar power satellites, the Sun has a lot of energy to spare. More than one hundred times as much energy is sent to a small area around geostationary Earth orbit every year as the whole world does expect to use in 2050.

After a feasibility study showed that SBSP might work, the UK government gave SBSP projects £3 million in funding. SEI wants to get a big share of this money.

For this project, satellites may get did make from hundreds of thousands of identical modules. All of these modules may get did make on Earth. But robots in space would place them together. As an extra job, also these robots did fix and took care of the satellites.

Putting energy out into the world

High-frequency radio waves from these devices would travel to an antenna on Earth to make electricity. Each satellite could place as much energy into the grid as two nuclear power plants.

But, as has already been said, the technology is still young, and it may not become widely can use until at least 2035.

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