Wednesday, October 4, 2023

“Storm into the Future” is the tagline of StormFiber new TVC

As far as I know, StormFiber is the first company to break with this odd tradition, Instead, they’ve released a futuristic and exciting TVC in which the main character is a humanoid, not a robot.

Good riddance to typical commercials, at least in this case. In which actors and models dance around aimlessly to jingles and leave viewers wondering what it is they are trying to sell and why they did it so awkwardly.

The leading man is, of course, Faysal Quraishi, who is thought of as becoming Pakistan’s most eligible bachelor. When the humanoid known only as “Future” answers the doorbell, he is curious.

First of all, Faysal’s unstable internet connection is clear when he struggles to make video calls. Future is like StormFiber’s 100 percent fiber-optic connection, which he uses to completely change every digital experience in his home. Video chats, TV shows, video games, and online streaming are all examples of this type of digital activity.

The commercial emphasizes how important it is to get a lightning-fast internet connection so that you can take advantage of future opportunities as they come up.

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It’s the first time StormFiber has to make a TVC campaign of this size. It’s also the first time StormFiber has to make a campaign that goes against the norm. Should turn traditional advertising in Pakistan on its head.

The number of cities in Pakistan that did connect to the company’s fiber optic network has grown quickly over the past few years, and there are now 18 of them. Having seen a futuristic TV ad, we can only hope that advertisers will continue to come up with such interesting ideas in the future.

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