Thursday, April 18, 2024

Investors are deeply disappointed by the decline in the stock market last week

Pakistan Stock Market saw a decline since the country’s economy has suffered damages totaling more than 17 billion dollars as a result of recent floods. Therefore, investors have deeply disappointed by the decline in the stock market last week.

In spite of Pakistan’s participation in the IMF programme, the country’s stock market continued to be highly unpredictable. Investors have disappointed by stock market decline and the absence of the desired devaluation of the dollar.

During the five trading sessions of the previous week, there was a predominant pessimistic sentiment in three of those sessions and a limited positive sentiment in two of those sessions. Capital has pulled out of the market out of apprehension that floods will have a negative impact on the economy.

Because of the general decline in the market, additional investors lost a total of 66 billion 41 crore 54 lakh 50 thousand rupees. It resulted in the total capital of the market falling to 70 trillion 44 billion 20 crore 27 million 86 thousand 349 rupees.

The KOSPI 100 index finished the week with a loss of 282.40 points, placing it at 42309.11. The KOSPI 30 index finished with a loss of 182.54 points, placing it at 15932.55. The KMI 30 index finished the day with a loss of 304.79 points, coming in at 70094.67. The KMI IPSX index finished with a loss of 81.28 points, coming in at 21465.33.

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