Thursday, February 22, 2024

Standard Chartered App Now Faster and Easier to Use

Standard Chartered did significant adjustments to how its banking app works in the latest update. Several programs need OTPs, or Time Passwords, as an extra step to keep your activity safe. Still, they are sometimes annoying at times.

In many cases, customers never get their OTPs because their apps won’t generate an OTP or because they have a weak cellular connection. The Standard Chartered banking app has done make this process obsolete.

The banking app now lets you create PINs that do use when you’re not online. Not having to rely on SMS, email, or a shaky cellular connection saves a lot of time. To log in with an SC Mobile Key, all you require is to generate a PIN when you are not on the internet.

SMS two-factor authentication lets you set up this Mobile Key. In order to keep the software safe, this key does use forever.

If you log in from a new device, the Standard Chartered app will send you an approval notice, which makes the process of installing it easier.

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The app makes a 6-digit offline PIN every time you enter your mobile key. See how this function works in the following screenshots.

You should know that offline PINs are only doing use to log in to apps right now. In the future, they may be used for transactions. This should give Standard Chartered an advantage over competing apps, some of which require you to enter an OTP or additional PINs in several places on the app’s interface.

Make sure you are using the most recent version of the Standard Chartered mobile app. Use either the Google Play Store or the App Store on your mobile device to do this.

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