Tuesday, November 28, 2023

US used Danish underwater cables to spy on European leaders

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden discovered thousands of classified documents that exposed the extensive US surveillance. That surveillance had carried out after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Moreover, FE’s internal secret working group began investigating whether the NSA had used Danish-American espionage cooperation to spy on European leaders.

The NSA was much able to access all text messages, phone calls and internet traffic of any person. It includes search, chat and messaging services of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Also of State Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and later opposition leader Peer Steinbruck.

In investigative reports on Sunday, Danish Radio (DR) and other European media said the US National Security Agency (NSA) listened to Danish undersea internet cables from 2012 to 2014 to spy on European leader. These are top politicians in Germany, Sweden, Norway and France. However, it is still not clear that was Denmark know about this or not?

How the European leaders responding to US act?

The documents show that the US government is spying on its own citizens also. Moreover, conducting wiretaps around the world, including Merkel’s cell phone.

Berlin is contacting all relevant national and international interlocutors to clarify the exact happening.

Swedish Defense Minister said, “He had contacted the Danish counterpart to ask if the Danish platform had used to spy on Swedish politicians”.

France also warned that alleged US espionage by European allies with Denmark’s submarine cable would be very serious. There must be trust between allies, minimal cooperation. If it confirmed as it asked, we have to see that our EU partner Denmark made a mistake in their cooperation with US.

Norwegian Prime Minister also said, “It is unacceptable when countries with close allied cooperation feel the need to spy on each other.”

Further, Denmark’s other neighbors asked for an explanation. Every facts should be “checked” first and then “conclusions on cooperation will have drawn”.

Reports has neither confirmed nor denied yet…

After the submission of report Operation Dunhammer to FE senior management in May 2015. What happened next remains unknown. However, if Danish-American espionage is confirmed, it continued during and after the 2013 Snowden Incident.

Defense Minister has neither confirmed nor denied the reports. Further, country’s firm stance is that “wiretapping for the sake of getting personal information of close allies is unacceptable”. However, United States spy on European leaders is like nothing new.

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