Saturday, December 2, 2023

Spike Lee is selling autographed postcards from Cannes Film Festival

Spike Lee, the American director, raised eyebrows at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, July 14, when he put personalized movie festival souvenirs on sale.

The famous filmmaker of Do The Right Thing (1989) will lead the jury at the world’s largest film festival for the very first Black person.

In the red tapestry he cut a dash of his very distinctive flair and on the French Bastille Day on Wednesday he played his tricolored boar.

The film director from Brooklyn was, however, invited to sell US$100 (S$135) autographed postcards from the 1.50-euro ($S2.40) festival on his Instagram feed.

The app’s more than 42,000 photographers, Samina Seyed, said: “Dear Spike, I realize that your signature is worthless… but US$100 for a postcard?”

Lee, age 64, is a memorable figure for the festival’s posters around the French Riviera resort.

He also worked on his Cannes wardrobe with Louis Vuitton.

Her website invites fans to purchase postcards “to honor the first Black jury president in the 74 years of history of the festival.”

He is also the first live individual ever to appear on the official poster in Cannes.

Lee spent much of the festival supporting black and minority musicians and was invited to a motivating brunch early in the morning for migrants in France to start their new lives.

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