Monday, May 29, 2023

Sophie Turner Slams Weight-Loss Ads, Shares Personal Struggles with Eating Disorders

Sophie Turner, the Game of Thrones alum and mental health advocate, took to her Instagram Stories on April 3rd to speak out against weight-loss ads displayed in New York City subway stations.

Turner, who has publicly shared her struggles with eating disorders, expressed her frustration with the promotion of unhealthy body image ideals.

Here are the key highlights from the incident:

Ozempic, a medicine developed for patients with Type II diabetes, has become popular among Hollywood celebrities seeking quick weight loss, including Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Fessler.

The ad featured on subway stations in Times Square read, “A shot weekly to lose weight,” capitalizing on the weight-loss fad.

Sophie Turner has been open about her history of eating disorders and revealed in a 2022 interview with Elle that she had to have a live-in therapist to manage her unhealthy eating habits.

The incident highlights the importance of advocating for healthy body image and mental health awareness. As Turner reminds us, toxic ideas surrounding weight and body image can have a severe impact on individuals’ mental and physical well-being.

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