Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Sony introduces the world’s smallest 3LCD Laser Projectors

Sony Corporation’s VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 are the lightest and most portable WUXGA 3LCD laser projectors available.

It seems that among Sony laser projectors with static lenses. These two models have the widest vertical shift of +55 percent, which means they sometimes easily mount on the ceilings of any room in the house.

Also, the VPL-PHZ61 has 6,400 total lumens and a 7,000 ANSI lumen center. While the VPL-PHZ51 only has 5,300 total lumens (5.8k-lumen center). With Sony’s Reality Creation technology and the higher lumens, images may become clear even in bright rooms.

Also, these projectors are compatible with 4K video sources because they can take input at a resolution of 4K at 60 frames per second. Reality Creation, on the other hand, improves the subject’s overall sharpness, resolution, and visual clarity, whether it’s a photo, a piece of text, or something else.

They support HDMI and HDCP2.3, so you won’t need a dongle to watch 4K content. Sony’s Reality Text also makes it easier to follow presentations with text by making individual letters and lines stand out more.

Also, the projectors’ smart controls let them adjust to the user’s preferences, and their Bright View technology lets colors keep their contrast and richness even in rooms with a lot of light.

Their light sensors will automatically adjust the settings to match their surroundings. They also use a filtration system that is up-to-date and requires no maintenance.

Sony hasn’t said anything about the VPL-PHZ61 or VPL-PHZ51, including how much they cost or when they’ll be available. We’ll keep you updated as things change.

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