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When social evils weren’t discussed in the drama, they appeared on the news: Yumna Zaidi

After Omair Rana and Simi Rachel rejected the announcement of PEMRA against Dil Na Umid Toh Nahi. Actor Yumna Zaidi expressed her disappointment. When she attacked the organization, she explained why such announcements were worrying and unfair.

In an interview with media, Yumna Zaidi said she did not understand the reasons for the notification. Viewers’ complaints about the series being just about reality. “The issues raised in Dil Na Umid Toh Nahi need to be addressed,” said the actor. “I don’t see how PEMRA can issue notifications for the content of a show.”

Zaidi admits that whenever she takes on a risky, courageous or difficult role. She does so with the intention of giving back to society. “But if PEMRA can tell the carefully selected content, I have to wonder what will be allowed,” asked the celebrity.

Yumna Zaidi — Image Credits: Instagram/@yumnazaidiofficial

“This is a problem that often occurs in our public schools, colleges, towns and villages. If we don’t raise awareness about this social evil and incorporate it into our drama, we will find out about it in the news. And these stories will come true. , “Said Zaidi.

Responding to viewers who questioned

Responding to viewers who questioned how this story can help prevent horrific incidents such as child abuse and human trafficking, Zaidi replied, “If we tackle a problem, at least let’s end our story. How can anyone decide that content is obscene when we don’t even take shelter show something? How can we make a drama based solely on the story of Bahu Saan? ”

She continued, “If we make room for romance and so many other genres on our screens, why can’t we make room for stories like that?” Zaidi admitted that she was not satisfied with PEMRA’s decision. “And I’m very kind to say it now. She admits that although previous projects received similar notification, this one is different.

Yumna Zaidi — Image Credits: Instagram/@yumnazaidiofficial

Dil Na Umid Toh Nahi with Zaidi, Rana, Yasra Rizvi, Wahaj Ali, Nadia Afghan, Naumaan Ijaz and Mumtaz Sami written by Amna Mufti and performed by Kashif Nisar. This is the ghost story of child abuse and human trafficking in Pakistan. Judging her character on the show, Zaid said, “My character is a prostitute who’s been living this life for eight to ten years. When we do some party scenes – and I treat them all as if they were very real during my filming – thank you me. I am good, my life is not really like that.

She continues to reveal the effects of her methods on her emotional well-being as she plays the role. “We just realized it. And I feel sorry for the women who are trapped in such a life. But I am happy to present a female character who fights against the system and frees herself,” concluded Zaidi.

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