Friday, February 23, 2024

Sister Jamie Lynn of Britney Spears appeals for peace after the attack by the singer

Jamie Lynn sister of American singer Britney Spears, broken her silence after calling her out publicly for the first time.

In her conservative struggle, the Toxic singer blasted her sister for feigning her love and chanting her songs.

Apparently, Jamie has now replied to the blatant attack on her sister by sharing a selfie mirror and writing: “Lord, may your peace and spirit come.”

On Sunday Spears took Instagram and wrote: “My sister didn’t like it, I did MY sounds to remixes !!! I was injured badly by my so-called support system!!!!”

“I have just hope and hope that’s the one thing in this world that’s really hard to destroy… yet people always try!!! I didn’t appreciate the documentary’s method of bringing up humiliating prior incidents… I’ve gone far beyond anything and been for a long time!!!! And the way I still look forward to fairy stories is strange for women who say that,” she revealed.

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