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American singer Madonna revealed once she wanted to kill herself

American Pop singer Madonna says that she wanted to kill herself one time in her life. She passed up the opportunity to participate in a classic Keanu Reeves movie and that a teeny-tiny part of her regrets just that one moment in her life.

In 2021, Madonna was a guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ Starring Jimmy Fallon. Whereas, she expressed her remorse about the fact that she had turned down the opportunity to play Catwoman in Batman Returns. The role that the singer played in ‘The Matrix’ was another one of the titles that the singer found to be unsatisfactory in his career.

During the course of the interview, the celebrity showed deep regret for having passed up the opportunity to play the legendary character. She said, “something like, “Can you believe I turned down a part in The Matrix?”

Furthermore, singer Madonna revealed that once she wanted to kill herself. She then expressed regret about her choice and said that is like one of the finest movies ever created. There is a teeny-tiny part of her that wishes she could go back and change just that one instance in her life.

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