Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sindh will follow sop’s with 50% student strength

Education Minister of Sindh Saeed Ghani said on Sunday “Federal Education Minister Shafkat Mehmood’s decision to resume regular 5-day classes on March 1 (Monday)” therefore, “making confusion between students”.

However, Speaking to the media, Saeed Ghani said “the school would allow 50% attendance following a provincial government decision adding that the government “cannot allow 100% attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic”.

Therefore, The minister stressed the importance of following the Coronavirus Standard Operating Instructions (SOP)

Moreover, adding that children who attend school must maintain social distancing in class.

Then,  “How the students will maintain social distancing if there is 100 % attendance ”Ghani asked.

“When covid will completely eliminate from our country we will start the regular schooling”

He said that although the federal minister of education allows 100% attendance at schools.

Therefore, the Sindh education department has its own committee and we are free to implement our provisional decisions Therefore he said,  “Committee will decide to open a school or not”

The minister also reminded that although the number of COVID-19 cases in the province has decreased, the pandemic is not over.

Federal Minister of shafqat Mehmood announced in his tweet that from 1 march schools will be 5 days regular classes.

Image credit : Shafqat Mahmood twitter

Then, on 28 feburary Education Minister of Sindh Saeed Ghani said we will follow our provisional decision.

As he decided that the school will follow 50% of students attending a policy of coming one group in one day, second groups in the second day each pre-grade level.

Moreover, the school staff and students will strictly follow sop’s like social distancing, wear a mask daily, wash their hands frequently

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