Friday, April 19, 2024

Sindh High Court asks FIA, PTA to remove Kubra Khan defamatory content

The Sindh High Court ordered the FBI to erase offensive content that “offended” actress Kubra Khan.

Kubra Khan, who is 29 years old, took to social media and released an official letter in which the SHC asked bodies to immediately erase any and all insulting information directed at the actor. Khan is the subject of the paper.

A statement to the effect that “the last four days have been so tough for me and my family that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put it in words” was made by the celebrity in conjunction with her post. “I just couldn’t get my brain around the fact that someone would do anything like this to me.” “Even once it was established that my name or initials had been confused with another person’s, why did I continue to be bullied to such a severe degree?”

She went on, “Even before I answered, I didn’t understand why my pictures were being used in such a wrong way.” Then I realized that it was because nobody had ever attempted to stop it. because we are so accustomed to keeping a low profile. Because we remained silent, another incident will continue to cause the same amount of harm until this one is resolved. On the other hand, enough is enough.

Khan continued by claiming that she is acting within her “constitutional rights as a Pakistani and relying on our legislation to defend my dignity, and this is me speaking what I want to say for all of the hard-working independent women out there who get insulted daily.”

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Khan penned, “I’m not going to stand here and say that I stood up for every woman out there, but I will say that I stood up so that in the future, if a situation like this one ever arises, every man and woman out there will know that it is their right to stand up for themselves if they feel it is necessary.” Therefore, I will now leave everything up to you, those who are responsible for implementing our laws, as well as in God’s hands. “My argument is complete.”

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The performer’s contemporaries praised the actor for her deeds. Khan was praised for taking the necessary action by a number of people, including Osman Khalid Butt, Mirza Gohar Rasheed, Aima Baig, Usman Mukhtar, Aisha Malik, and Yumna Zaidi, amongst others. “You are the most courageous young lady I know!” Malik added a remark to Khan’s blog article.

Even her co-star on Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, Mukhtar, had the same feelings about the situation. “I am so pleased to see that you have not been intimidated by bullies. “He had written that he would always be by your side, waiting for your call.” Butt said Kubra, “More power to you,” while Zaidi reassured Khan that she would always find her by Khan’s side. “More power to you, Kubra,” Butt remarked.

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