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Sindh High Court asked to intervene in the TikTok ban


A petitioner has proposed that the High Court of Sindh lift the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority’s ban on the TikTok video sharing app.

According to the petitioner, there are 20 million TikTok users in Pakistan and the ban is against Article 19 of the Constitution.

Article 19 states: “Every citizen has the right to freedom of expression and expression, and freedom of the press is guaranteed, subject to appropriate legal restrictions which are in the interests of the glory of Islam or integrity, security or defense.. Pakistan or part thereof , friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality or in connection with the contempt of the court [the commission of a] or inciting a crime. “”

The petitioner says that anyone who abuses the app should be punished and their identification blocked. “It doesn’t make sense to block the entire application,” he adds.

He called on SHC to step in and lift the ban on TikTok. His motion was accepted for a hearing on October 15.

The PTA and TikTok negotiations continue

In the meantime, negotiations between PTA and TikTok continued online today. There was discussion of how content that is currently “illegal” under Pakistani law can be changed to comply with the rules. A representative from TikTok briefed on the app’s efforts to moderate this content.

According to the PTA, the representative also explained the company’s future strategy. The president urged TikTok Pakistan to provide specific deadlines for the proposed actions it would take, according to a statement from PTA. Both TikTok and PTA have expressed their determination to continue negotiations with a view to reaching a mutually acceptable solution.

“The provision of a safe Internet experience is guaranteed for Pakistani users,” said the PTA chair.

PTA banned TikTok

The PTA banned TikTok on October 9 after “failing to fully comply” with its instructions on “developing an effective mechanism for proactively moderating illegal online content”.

According to the PTA, the action was taken after the agency received a series of complaints from various walks of life against the “immoral and indecent” content of the video-sharing app.

“Given the complaints and the nature of the content that is continually posted on TikTok, the PTA issued a definitive notice upon request and given plenty of time to respond to the agency’s instructions to develop a mechanism and effectively follow them for the company proactive moderation of illegal online advertising, ”said a statement from the PTA.

“The app did not fully comply with instructions, so instructions have been given to block the TikTok app in the country.”

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