Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sindh Govt Comes Into Action Over Paper Leak Issue

The government of Sindh was quite aware during the registration examinations in Karachi of the mishandling and called the Controller examination for an explanation, said Tuesday the private news channel.

The TV report said that Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Advisor Universities and Boards, has been wroth over the controversy about a physica paper leak and the delay in examination with Mohammad Shaiq Controller Examination. Following the pandemonium at the Physics paper test on Monday, the adviser called the official board.

The question paper was leaked into social media and could be found outside test centres within minutes of the exam from 9:30 am.

Khoro requested the supervisor to explain what went wrong because of delays in writing parents and kids had to be stressed. Several test centres in Karachi had to wait hours before the questionnaire was delivered.

The counsellor reproached the controller and questioned the people whose initial document was missing about the future course of action.

Shaiq took up responsibility for the disaster from the Central Control Officers (CCOs). After an enquiry, Shaiq informed Khoro, “we would take efforts to remedy the problem.

The head of BSEK sees the plot

On Monday, the Chief of the Board of Directors thought that the CCOs had a role in the dispute over the paper leak and the time delay for the questionnaire to be sent.

Speaking Monday News, Syed Sharaf Ali Shah, President of the Karachi Council on Secondary Education (BSEK), said the distribution to the Examining Centers was the major task of the CCOs.

“Not at the hub have the CCOs come to collect examination papers,” stated the Chairman of the Matric Board. “The delay arose when the Commission personnel sent the documents to the test centres due to the lack of CCOs,” he continued.

Shah stated it looked that the CCOs were part of the plot, that they would not fulfil their role anymore.

“The orders of the CCOs were discontinued. The superintendents are now collecting and sending papers to the examinations at the hubs, “He added. He added.

Shah stated that the Board has raised from 11 to 18 hubs to guarantee that the documents are delivered in due course.

“Administrative flaws caused the material to leak,” he added. “We’ll establish a system to avoid the leaks of papers in the future,” he added.

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