Friday, March 31, 2023

Simu Liu calls out Quentin Tarantino for criticising Marvel movies and actors

Quentin Tarantino said Marvel movies don’t build cinematic stars, only renowned characters.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Tarantino talked about the “Marvelization of Hollywood” in a podcast conversation with Tom Segura.

“They’re the only things made,” Tarantino added. “They’re the only things that thrill fans or the studio that develops them… They symbolise this age of movies. Nothing else fits. Exactly. ” “Representation is the issue.”

He said that superhero movies make the characters famous, not the actors. All these prominent actors playing Marvel characters are part of Hollywood’s Marvelization, he said.

“They’re not actors.” Right? Starring Captain America Starring Thor. This isn’t new. It’s been stated a million times, but franchise characters become stars.

Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu responded to Tarantino’s comments on Twitter.

If Tarantino and Scorsese were the sole gatekeepers to movie success, Liu wouldn’t have led a $400 million+ film.

“Their cinematic genius amazes me.” They’re masters. They can’t snub me or anyone else. No movie studio is flawless. I’m glad to work with one that has made sustained efforts to enhance diversity onscreen by developing heroes that empower and inspire people everywhere.

Liu closed by mocking Hollywood’s reputation for “whitewashing” films: “I loved ‘Golden Age’ too… but it was white as hell.”

The director said he doesn’t “detest” the movies but “doesn’t love them.” Don’t hate them. not a fan. As a kid, I collected Marvel comics like crazy.

If these movies had come out when he was in his twenties, he would have loved them. They wouldn’t be the only movies made, though. I’m nearly 60, so I’m not as enthused.

Scorsese previously criticised Marvel movies, calling them “theme parks” and “not cinema,” per THR.

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