Saturday, September 23, 2023

Simon Cowell’s WHIP stunt during America’s Got Talent auditions nearly kills him

Simon Cowell feared for his nether regions during an AGT audition whip trick. The 62-year-old music magnate featured in Tuesday’s episode when Jack The Whipper performed.

He urged Simon to squat and balance a straw between his knees. Jack used his whip to split the straw, avoiding the talent show judge.

Simon said, “I shouldn’t have done this” while Sofa Vergara and Heidi Klum laughed. Later, he said, ‘They were laughing so hard I nearly lost my whatsits.’

Jack Lepiarz, 34, from Boston, said he was horrified at the time. I wasn’t sure if whipping Simon would hurt him.

‘I’ve practiced it hundreds of times with one mistake. I was shocked.’ Wyn Starks played an original song for Sofa in Tuesday’s program.

The 50-year-old actress was touched when Wyn, 39, dedicated the song to his late brother Kane.

The Modern Family star consoled Wyn. I lost my brother, and I can’t imagine losing a twin because that link is unbreakable.

Simon Cowell, 62, consoled Sofa, whose brother Rafael was killed in a 1998 kidnapping attempt.

After wiping away tears, Sofa told Wyn she admired his song’s emotion. The two-hour broadcast ended with Minneapolis native and Nashville resident Wyn.

He told the judges he was laid off by COVID and decided to pursue music full-time.

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