Friday, March 31, 2023

Sika Khan gets visa to meet brother separated in 1947

People-to-people connection between Pakistan and India is possible even while bilateral ties are at an all-time low.

A Pakistani who hadn’t seen his brother in 74 years got a visa, and India later said it was eager to work with Pakistan to increase pilgrimage routes and shrine visits. The Pakistan High Commission issued Sika Khan, an Indian, a visa on Friday.

Sika Khan and Muhammed Siddique were reunited after 74 years due to Partition.

According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, both India and Pakistan intend to increase the number of shrines visited and modalities of travel under the 1974 Protocol.

The 1974 Protocol on Visits to Religious Sites allows Indians and Pakistanis to visit religious shrines in both nations.

In November 2018, it covers 15 Pakistani and 5 Indian areas. This is because of the 1974 Protocol between India and Pakistan, said MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi. Both groups want to add more shrines and pathways. Protocol must be followed”.

He emphasised that the COVID-19 outbreak has imposed limits on transportation and gathering. The period will be used for bilateral Protocol discussions once the situation normalises. “We want to make pilgrimage to all shrines easier,” he stated.

The Pakistani ambassador to the UN asked the international community to hold India accountable for its atrocities and to let Kashmiris exercise their inherent right to self-determination recognised by relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

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