Friday, December 1, 2023

Showrunners share final season’s inspiration

Stranger Things’ fifth and final season is coming soon. The Duffer Brothers said the last season was inspired by the second.

The Duffer Brothers told Netflix via Tudum that with Season 1’s success, they had to develop the world, mythology, and Hawkins, Indiana’s conclusion.

“Season 1’s success terrified us, and we realized we wanted to develop a broader world,” said Ross Duffer.

The authors filled a whiteboard with ideas for Season 2. It was [five times] or [ten times] more than we required. Season 5 borrows heavily from Season 2. Much of our huge ending came from Season 2 material.

Before pitching Netflix their revised conclusion, the creators reevaluated. Matt Duffer stated, “We reread.” “That’s cool,” we say. That’s bad. That’s bad. Even the ending’s changed. The basic notions are similar, but the inner workings are distinct.

Stranger Things’ fifth and final season will begin filming in 2023. A release date has not been announced.

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