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SHINee members come together to celebrate late Jonghyun’s birthday

  • SHINee members come together to celebrate the birthday of late member Jonghyun with touching posts and photos
  • Taemin covers Jonghyun’s song, End of a Day, from his self-produced album, and Key and Minho share sweet memories
  • Fans express their love and appreciation for SHINee and Jonghyun on social media, showing that his memory will always be cherished.

Iconic K-pop group SHINee recently came together to celebrate the birthday of their late member Jonghyun. The singer passed away in December 2017 through carbon monoxide poisoning, leaving behind a grieving fanbase and fellow members.

To honor his memory, the SHINee group shared a series of photos and posts on social media. Taemin, another member of the group, covered Jonghyun’s song End of a Day which is the title track of his self-produced album named Story Op.1. The song features lyrics such as “You’ve worked hard. You’ve had some very tough times. I am so proud of you.”

Meanwhile, Key shared a sweet photo of Jonghyun sleeping paired with a touching caption in English. Minho similarly posted a picture of himself from Jonghyun’s birthday in 2017 along with a caption saying: “Happy birthday! I miss you a lot this year too.”

The SHINee fandom has always been close-knit, and the group’s fans were touched by the members’ tribute to Jonghyun. Fans took to social media to express their love for the group and Jonghyun, and how much he is still missed by all.

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