Monday, December 11, 2023

Sherry Rehman says the PML-N should refrain from making remarks that encourage the chosen government

PPP Senator Sherry Rehman said Sunday that PML-N “should not make any comments that would authorize the elected government”.

Sherry Rehman spoke at a press conference in Karachi along with two other senior PPP leaders, Maula Bux Chandio and Shazia Marie.

Sherry Rehman’s comments came in response to Maryam Nawaz’s speech the day before in which she outlined the PPP to gather 30 senators and continue securing the opposition leader in the Senate position for candidate Yusaf Raza Gilani without the blessing of the PDM.

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Maryam Nawaz must realign her political goals and stick to the goal of overthrowing the PTI-led government,” said Sherry Rehman.

“We don’t want the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) to be dissolved, so PML-N should refrain from disclosing what the elected government will be entitled to.”

Speaking to reporters, Sherry Rehman said that while Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari took on a “political tone”, Maryam Nawaz’s tone at yesterday’s press conference was “sad”.

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