Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Shehbaz Sharif blasts the government for raising power rates

Shehbaz Sharif, PMLN President and NA Opposition Leader, called the rise in energy tariff a “cruel act” by the PTI administration.

He said the hike indicated the government’s promise of relief was a deception. He underlined that the PTI’s so-called tax-free budget was a flagrant hoax, as evidenced by recurrent price increases in all necessary commodities and public utilities.

The PMLN president stated that if this government is allowed to continue, the economy will collapse and the people of Pakistan will perish. “Abolishing industrial gas subsidies will cause another economic crisis, resulting in job losses and increased unemployment.

The end of the subsidies would raise electricity rates, halting present inflation and halting economic growth. “We can’t let this happen”, he said.

He was alarmed to hear that the newly bought LNG was Rs 5,000 per unit. The 400-500 cf daily gas shortfall is indicative of the government’s illegal mismanagement. Sugar has tripled in price from Rs 53 to Rs 160 per kg in just 3 years, he said.

He said sugar is sold at Rs 175 per kilogramme in Peshawar. He questioned the government’s so-called relief plan. Illegal profiteers stole Rs 270 billion from the Imran Khan government.

Shehbaz blamed the PTI government’s corruption, ineptitude, and dictatorial governance for the crises. Until Pakistanis take decisive action against this heinous injustice, he warned, inflation will persist.

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