Friday, September 29, 2023

SHC temporarily hands over Dua Zehra to her parents

In a case where it was said that Dua Zahra had been kidnapped, the Sindh High Court gave her back to her parents on Friday.

The Sindh High Court heard a custody case about a girl who was allegedly taken away from her parents. During the hearing, Zaheer Ahmad’s lawyer said that this application was not valid because the magistrate had already turned down the custody request. The case was also being heard in trial court, so the petitioner argued that he had a place to go.

The lawyer for Zaheer Ahmad said that the petitioner should go to the trial court because the girl was taken to a shelter and not held. He said she was the major witness. He stated the girl’s parents asked her five times if she wanted to go home. Zaheer should meet the girl, he reasoned.

Dua Zahra answered when Justice Iqbal Kalhoro questioned her name. Seventh grade. My dad and sister are in court; therefore, I want to go.

Zaheer’s lawyer argued against releasing the girl, but the judge said everyone wanted to go home. No one likes to go home, yet our court is open. Judge: “She’s young and doesn’t want to go to a shelter.”

The judge asked Mehdi Kazmi for a guarantee. The court told the girl’s mother, “We’re giving her to you, and you have a great duty.”

The girl was temporarily allowed to leave with her parents by the Sindh High Court. However, the trial court will decide where she will live permanently. 

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