Monday, December 4, 2023

Shaukat Ali is in serious condition, according to doctors

Famous folk singer Shaukat Ali is struggling to recover because his son Ameer Shaukat Ali says his father is in a critical condition.

It is said that the singer has a problem with his liver, which is making his health even worse. He added that doctors would give up. “My father’s condition is critical. His liver is not functioning and the doctors are almost giving up at this time,” said Ameer.

He asked Shaukat fans to pray for his father, who is facing a number of medical problems, including diabetes and a liver transplant. He also had a heart bypass several years ago.

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Gazal Maestro is one of the most prolific artists in the Pakistani music industry with a singing career spanning five decades. He also received the Pride of Performance award.

Known for his patriotic war songs such as Station Mujahidon Jag Uta Hai, Sara Vatan, Mera Puttar Pakistan Da, and Apna Quaid Ike Hai, Shaukat has gone bad in recent years.

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