Thursday, February 22, 2024

Shaniera Akram sympathizes with ‘good men’ over Ayesha Akram case

A few days ago, on August 14th, Ayesha Akram a tiktoker had a meetup in Minar E Pakistan with her admirers.

It is said that a crowd of about 400 guys subdued and abused her. Most of the people was shocked by the occurrence.

Public opinion was horrified by the event and demanded punishment of all the perpetrators. In Pakistan, a movement was also made to demand the punishment of the perpetrators by the “#400” men.

This allegedly fabricated occurrence has been discussed on the social media for some days now. Meanwhile, for all those who have blamed the gender for few criminals, Shaniera Akram has made a point. “My heart is with all the noble guys of Pakistan,” she said in her recent tweet. I’m sorry you’ve failed so many of your siblings.

Following similar occurrences with women, we have always seen a movement to assist her receive justice.

Sometimes, though, there’s a ‘Yes All Men’ campaign against males that all men are the same as the blame. Shaniera’s tweet points out that “Not all men” are unable to accuse the whole gender for such an event. These are only a few perpetrators, who are also severe criticism for good guys.

According to the reports, however, Ayesha Akram and her crew had all planned this occurrence as an advertising gimmick, which is quite typical among tiktokers.

The security in the Greater Iqbal Park told she may go if she wished, but she remained there for herself. She also did not reveal her Instagram postings that following the horrific occurrence she had been subjected to any trauma.

After the plot was revealed, individuals who supported her with the courage she has shown when she reported the event are now criticising her for defaming Pakistan’s report.

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