Saturday, December 9, 2023

Shahzad Akbar claims the United Kingdom Government may executively deport Nawaz Sharif

The British government can deport PML-N Nawaz Sharif’s supremacist on the orders of the executive branch, Prime Minister Shahzad Akbar’s Accountability and Internal Affairs Adviser said Tuesday.

Shahzad Akbar’s comments came during a meeting with a delegation from the Supreme Court Journalists’ Association in Islamabad, where he said the British government had been asked to resolve the matter in accordance with the law.

Federal Information Minister Faud Chaudhry and State Information Minister Farah Habib also took part in the meeting.

On the occasion, Akbar said that under British law, a visitor visa could not be granted to the convicted convict, adding that he had informed the British government that Sharif was a convict.

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He said the British government had also been informed that Sharif had gone to the country for medical treatment, but according to the Pakistani government, the former prime minister “did not even receive a single injection”.

Akbar said the British government had requested Nawaz Sharif’s extradition and in response, Pakistan asked the British government if Nawaz Sharif was allowed to stay in the country on a visitor’s visa because of the law. The city council said extradition is a long process that could take up to five years.

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