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Shahid Afridi reveals the player name who inspired him in cricket


Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi has revealed that Australian off-roader Steve Smith inspired him.

The general comment came after Smith’s statement saying he was trying to impersonate Shahid Afridi at the bowling alley.

Smith has praised Boom Boom time and again for his fantastic game of bowling. In addition, the Australian is also a fan of Afridi, the fastest and the fastest.

In August 2018, after a full-on Caribbean Premier League performance for the Barbados Tridents, Smith revealed that he had always tried to emulate Afridi’s bowling move.

During his international career, Afridi has collected a total of 541 plots in all formats. 395 windows were needed in ODI, 98 in T20I and 48 in the test.

Steve Smith, meanwhile, is currently captaining the Rajasthan Royals in the 2020 IPL being contested in the UAE over the coronavirus pandemic. So far, Smith has scored 133 points in 5 games with a hit percentage of 143.01 and a GAA of 26.60.

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