Sunday, December 10, 2023

Shahid Afridi confirms Shaheen Shah Afridi would marry his eldest daughter

Cricket star Shahid Afridi has confirmed that Pakistani model Shaheen Shah Afridi will be his son-in-law. In a recent interview with a private broadcaster, Shahid was asked about his daughter’s commitment to fast bowling by Shaheen Shah Afridi, to whom he replied that God willing, the young bowling player will be his future son-in-law.

Shahid said his daughter wants to become a doctor and it has not been decided whether she will continue her education in Pakistan or the UK. The former captain also said Shaheen had no relationship with his daughter prior to the decision to hire the two families.

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“We, the Afridis, have eight tribes, the Shaheen, and we are from different tribes,” said the former captain. He also said that for the past two years, Shaheen’s parents had a strong desire for the two families to meet formally.

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