Saturday, June 3, 2023

Shahbaz Sharif clarifies statement that “beggars cannot choose”

Shahbaz Sharif, the head of the opposition, has provided an explanation for his statement “beggars cannot be chooser,” stating that no nation can be free until it achieves financial independence.

Shahbaz Sharif, the leader of the opposition, has clarified his statement that “Beggars can’t be choosers,” which he made in an interview with a private television channel on Friday. Without financial independence, he asserted, true freedom can never be realized.

He went on to say that, sadly, Pakistan is not economically self-sufficient, and that our country is reliant on loans from foreign organizations to survive.

The former chief minister of Punjab went on to say that this is not the first time he has expressed his thoughts on the subject and that he has held the same viewpoint for decades.

He went on to say that if the Prime Minister used to boast that he would “commit suicide” rather than go to the IMF, then why didn’t he do so when his administration turned to the IMF for help during the financial crisis?

The Opposition leader stated that his statement was intended to be taken in a broad sense, but that the PTI administration attempted to twist it to suit their purposes.

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When the PM used to boast that he had good relationships with Europe, America, and India (among other places), he asked, “What good came out of those alleged good relations?” He said, “Nothing.” During the PTI administration, Pakistan faced record inflation, took record loans, and the rupee fell at a record rate, according to the opposition leader.

The people of Pakistan experienced a catastrophic bread shortage, a sugar shortfall, and a gas shortage on a scale never seen before.

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