Sunday, December 10, 2023

Seven killed in separate malfunctions throughout Eid holidays

There have been at least seven killings and over 29 injuries over the Eidul Azha holidays, including women and children, in the various accidents around the region.

Zhob reported the first event, in which two motorbikes crashed in the region of Silyaza, killing three persons and injuring two others.

In another instance, as a speeding car hit Zhob-Miralail Khail Road, a motorcycle was crushed to death. The body was transferred to a neighbouring hospital where the heirs were afterwards given over.

In Jaffarabad, an unknown army motorcycle shot a guy identified by Lal Jan in the Usta Muhammad section of Goth’s Nawaz Marri region. The incident was called a longstanding rivalry by the police.

In Dukki, a man was killed in a family disagreement by his brother. Officials of the Levies detained the defendant with an assassination weapon.

In Quetta , a guy near the irrigation colony was fired by undisclosed armed attackers on a motorbike and murdered on the spot.

In a brawl between two parties of the Bangulzai district in Mastung, Dasht, eight persons were hurt in a land dispute.

Five individuals were wounded in a fight over water in Sibi, in Tili Daman region.

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