Saturday, December 2, 2023

Second Cab Rider Was Detained involved in The kidnapping of the Afghan envoy’s daughter

The second cab rider reportedly engaged in the abduction and attack on a daughter of an Afghan Envoy was detained by authorities in Islamabad.
A day after Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed, the interior minister, the authorities told a Taxi driver that the daughter of the Afghan envoy in Pakistan had been used by one of two drivers to serve the day of the attack.

The Minister told the authorities that the family was in touch but that there was still a written statement on the occurrence.

He said the government has monitored and contacted one of the cab drivers while the second driver is tracked by cameras after the authorities have received a written declaration and the family request.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed Mr. Rasheed to guarantee that the perpetrators of the event involving the daughter of the ambassador are detained within 48 hours and that all facts are established behind the occurrence.
The Prime Minister urged the law enforcement agencies must prioritize the subject and employ all resources available to capture the abductees.

The Foreign Office published a declaration earlier that the offenders are being tried.

“Yesterday, while driving a leased car, the ambassador’s daughter was tested,” a statement published by the FO quoted by Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, a spokeswoman.

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