Sean Sagar “loved” modeling in underwear after Jesse Nelson cleaned it from her instincts

Actor Sean Sagar likes photos of three models on Instagram after “breaking up” with Jesse Nelson.

The 30-year-old actor reportedly broke up with the former Little Mix star earlier this week.

Sean now “likes” sexy photos of three different Instagram models.

One such model is Netflix Hot To Handle star Nicole O’Brien, as first reported by The Sun.

Elsewhere, photos of models Paige Yep and Jenna Cartwright have also been liked by Sean on social media apps in recent days.

One of Jenna’s photos is one in which she is wearing light underwear to celebrate her 20th birthday. Fans have previously noted her “likes” from posts by model Yasmin Falk, who has posted topless photos in the past and only wears the jeans at the bottom.

Jasmine also likes the photo of Sean in a suit on his Instagram account.

The move came after Sean and Jesse deleted all traces of each other from their social media accounts.
Speaking to The Sun, a source said, “Jesse and Sean have decided to take the time.

“It’s a shame that they make such an amazing couple, but things are not going well between them lately.”

The couple have been in an affair since the beginning of last year.

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