Friday, December 1, 2023

SCO to hire a consultant for AJK, GB optical Transmission network expansion

The Special Communication Organization (SCO) has hired a business to do a survey, feasibility research, and market analysis for their proposed “expansion of optical transmission network in Azad Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit Baltistan GB.”

In June 2022, the Departmental Development Working Parties (DDWP) will own the land, and they will pay a small amount of Rs. 50 million is first given to it in the federal budget for fiscal years 2022-23.

According to LahoreHerald’s sources, the Planning Commission reclassified the project as PC-II because it didn’t have enough money. The Special Communication Organization asked the planning commission for Rs. 500 million for a survey and feasibility study of their purposeful five-year project to stretch the optical transmission network to Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan PC-I, but they only get Rs. 50 million.

An SCO representative has said that, as part of the overall master plan. Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan lay 700 km of fiber annually. SCO is the main service provider, and it is currently putting the optical transmission network expansion plan into action to make the internet faster in the area.

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According to the information given, SCO has really started the project this year if enough money is available. Once the money is put away in the budget for 2023–2024. SCO will hire a consultant to do a survey and feasibility analysis of the project before starting construction.

He went on to say that as the development plan moves forward. Always fix connectivity issues. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and also other people who use services in remote highland areas are always able to get better services.

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