Monday, December 4, 2023

Scarlett Johansson’s criticism about ‘Black Widow’ gets a response from Walt Disney

Scarlett Johansson‘s complaint about Black Widow replied to Walt Disney Co, after the star of the Marvel superhero film on Thursday, saying the Company broke its agreement, when it offered to stream the film simultaneously in the theater.

Disney responded that the case has “no merit,” claiming that it had fulfilled its obligations. In a statement, he said that the release of the movie “significantly improved her (Johansson’s) capacity to collect an extra $20 million in remuneration,” on its streaming platform.

Johansson’s case, submitted to the Los Angeles Court of Superior, alleged that the “Black Widow” double-release plan decreased its remuneration, based partially on receptions from the box office of an exclusive film run.

During the coronavirus epidemic, Disney tested the hybrid pattern for certain films as the firm sought to enhance their service streaming when many cinema theaters across the world were shuttered.

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