Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Saudi woman jailed for 45 years by court for her social media posts

Activists claim that a second Saudi woman has jailed for 45 years over social media statements this month. Nourah bint Saeed al-Qahtani has found guilty in a terrorist court of using the internet to shred the social fabric. She was a vocal opponent of Saudi leadership but nothing more has known about her.

According to reports, the American organisation just found out about Qahtani’s case. They got court records by a judicial source and that are still looking into the matter. She has no history of aggression or criminal behaviour.

It has stated that she faces a wide range of serious allegations. They’re resorting to laws against terrorism and cybercrime. It may use to criminalise any online content deemed even mildly unfavourable of the government.

Since the beginning of the year, other additional women activists have allegedly arrested on social media-related charges. Mr. Alaoudh expressed concern that they will get lengthy prison terms. On August 9, another Saudi woman has jailed for 34 years for her tweets.

A clear message has sent by the Saudi regime to the West that it does not respect human rights. However, Mr. Biden has threatened to make Saudi Arabia a pariah state due to its poor human rights record.

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