Monday, September 25, 2023

Over 200 employees arrested in Saudi Arabia’s recent Anti-Corruption Purge

Saudi Arabia has announced the arrests of 207 officials in about a dozen ministries as part of the latest operation of an anti-corruption purge authorized by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The detainees have not named and it is not clear when the arrests made. The National Anti-Corruption Commission known as Nazaha announced the arrests.

Saudi Anti-Corruption purge helped power and brought the empire $106 billion in assets. Saudis have long complained about the growing corruption in government. The commission said the latest round had investigated more than 460 people. But as a result only 207 Saudis have detained for corruption.

Further, the accused will refer to the prosecutor’s office. They came from the National Guard and a number of government departments, including Defense, Home Affairs, Health and Justice.

In April, the commission announced that 176 specific people had similarly detained for alleged corruption.

The kingdom’s anti-corruption purge broke out in late 2017 when Crown Prince targeted more than 300 princes, public figures and businessmen. They collectively symbolize the elite structure around the ruling Al Saud family and their vast patronage network.

His troops arrested the country’s most influential figures that year and kept them in touch for months at the Hotel in Riyadh. Some had later transferred to prisons or other detention centers on charges of physical abuse.

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