Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Sarah Ferguson believes her work will be dubbed ‘the next Bridgerton’

Sarah Ferguson is looking to “the next Bridgerton” for her forthcoming work.

Sarah believes she will adapt for the film like the sweet ‘Bridgerton’ series of Julia Quinn’s 61-year-old writer just launched her romance Mills & boon ‘Her Heart For A Compass.’

She said on the podcast ‘Tea With Twiggy’: “I hope that the next ‘Bridgerton’ may be created. I need the ‘Pride And Prejudice’ book to meet ’24.’”

Her great aunt Margaret Montagu is the foundation for the historical fiction novel of Sarah.

She said: “I created her a history that had genuine people and events, some of my relatives included. I have made my heroine a relationship with Princess Louise, sixth child of Queen Victoria, and drew many similarities from my life on the path of Lady Margaret. I’ve long been passionate in historical study and about the history of powerful women in film and television. I am pleased to introduce my own historical fiction brand into the realm of publication.”

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